sharing room with siblings

Sharing a room with siblings

Did you share a room with your siblings when you were younger?

I remember so fondly of my childhood sharing a room with my siblings. From late night endless chats even after parents said lights out, to taking out our torch light and hid under the blanket for some retelling of horror stories we heard at school.

Now there are solid benefits in sharing a room with siblings.

The research, which was commissioned by Hammonds Furniture, looked into the lives of 2000 adults who had shared a room with at least one brother or sister. They found that people who had shared a room with a sibling believed that the experience helped them to navigate adult life better.

In particular, 59 per cent of participants argued that sharing a room with a sibling helped them to prepare for shared spaces such as university halls and office spaces. In addition, 39 per cent said it helped strengthen their bond with family members and 38 per cent said that it developed their emotional intelligence.

Now, let us get onto the awesome benefits of siblings sharing a room!


Few kids actually like to share, but it’s an important skill that they need to learn. And room-sharing is a great place to start. child and family therapist and parenting expert Joanna Seidel says, “Kids who share a room will learn how to respect each other and develop patience and understanding. This can help children become more caring and empathetic.” But the road to empathy will likely be paved with squabbles. To minimize conflict, Seidel suggests making sure that each sibling has his or her own belongings and an area (like a bed or wall) they can individually decorate.
sharing room with siblings


Doesn’t every parent want their kids to be besties? Siblings who share a room will inevitably spend more time together, which means more opportunity to develop a closer and stronger bond. “Siblings may seek comfort and security from each other when they feel upset or when they are trying to fall asleep, which can allow for a deep connection and friendship. They may also have more opportunities to be playful with each other and share in more frequent and deeper conversations,” says Seidel. 

If your children's room has enough space for two separate beds, that's fantastic. Alternatively, you could consider purchasing a bunk bed to allow them to share a room. To ensure longevity, you may want to consider a bunk bed that can be transformed into two separate beds so that your child can have their own space as they get older.

Now, do you still have doubts in siblings sharing a room? Please share your thoughts with us #sutekifam. We are all ears!



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