Benefits of book rotation for toddlers

Benefits of book rotation for toddlers

Did your children, like mine, receive so many new books for the holidays that you’re not really sure what to do with them? Are you, like so many people these days, trying to embrace a more minimalist home?




You can implement book rotations in your house! You may already have a similar system in place for toys, through which you store some toys out of reach and sight. Did you know you can do the same with books? And, that there are many wonderful benefits for developing readers?


According to Speech pathologist Jenni Harvey of Talk Play Grow, book rotation is beneficial for your child in the following ways;


  1. It helps them to focus, increase their attention span and avoid over stimulation.  It also makes choosing easier.  A sheif with too many books can be overwhelming!

  2. After the 10th times reading of the same book you may be questioning your decision but repetition is crucial for language learning.  Children need to hear words many times over before the learn them.  Having a small set of books means they have lots of opportunities to hear the same words over and over again.  

  3. All children thrive on routine and predictability.  The weekly rotation becomes a part of their routine and most children love it. You may find them reminding you it’s new books day!


At our home, we use the Archie Bookcase for our toddler. It has wide ledges enough for board books for those tiny hands to grab. When assembled, it stands 65cm tall, an ideal height for toddler to reach out for those books on display. Our toddler is always excited to see her familiar books on display (current favourite is Humpty Dumpty!). When it is time for our weekly rotation, her eyes light up when there are new books on display!


 Do you have a book rotation system in your house? What tips can you share to help others get started?


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